Two Yemenis Held at Guantánamo Transferred to Unknown Place

A US review board decided last week to transfer two Yemeni men held at Guantanamo Military Prison in Cuba since 2004 to another country, bringing it back into the spotlight, YPA said.

Abd al-Salam al-Hilah and Sharqawi Abdu Ali al-Hajj were both cleared for transfer as President Joe Biden’s administration has revived a goal of closing the prison that came to symbolize the excesses of the US “war on terror”, according to a statement.

“The Periodic Review Board, by consensus, determined that continued law of war detention of the detainee is no longer necessary to protect against a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States,” according to statements on the separate decisions.

The United States has moved dozens of takfiris from Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries to Marib in northeastern Yemen.

Marib is the last stronghold of the Saudi-led coalition, which is threatened with fall, after failed attempts by the US envoy and Western countries to pressure Sana’a to stop the process of liberating Marib and recovering it from the hands of coalition forces and their local agents.

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