UAE Quickens Militarization of Mayyun Island

Informed sources revealed that the UAE occupation forces intensified its moves to militarize Mayyun Island, located in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, before reaching an agreement that would end the Saudi war against Yemen.

The sources indicated that the UAE made attractive financial offers to the island’s residents in exchange for their final departure, stressing that the amounts offered amounted to one million Dirhams (around $270 US).

The sources confirmed the rejection of these offers by the island residents, but there is fear among the people that the UAE will bring in mercenaries to push them to leave the island by force, especially since Abu Dhabi has brought mercenaries to Socotra and helped them settle there.

In addition, activists on social media circulated a video clip documenting the Emirati ship Naayem unloading military equipment during the night on the beach of Mayyun island, days after the coalition denied the UAE’s moves to control the island.

Observers believe that Abu Dhabi is working at a high pace to militarize Mayyun before the Sana’a salvation government reaches a peace agreement with the Saudi-led coalition.

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