Taiz: Condemning Islah with 68,000 Fake Recruits Looting Two Billion of Qat Revenues

The raging battle of “corruption” continued on Monday, between the power partners in Taiz city, which is under the control of the factions and forces loyal to coalition, with leaking more documents related to looting the public money.

Exclusive-AlKhabar AlYemeni:

The central organization for control and accounting published a new report on Qat taxes in the city, which amounted to more than two billion riyals and 255 million. Only 534 million were reported to the Central Bank in Taiz, and more than one billion and 755 million were looted

Although the publisher of the report is trying to shed light on tax corruption, which was not affected by the recent changes that were limited to the directors of the Nasserite meals, electricity and transportation only, however, its timing may push the popular anger demanding the departure of the corrupt to its peak. This indicates that the tax director is protected by major powers in the province that is managed by the Islah subcontractor.

In the context, media loyal to UAE and affiliated with the governor of GPC in Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, revealed the largest corruption operation in the ranks of Hadi’s forces in the city, where they published documents via “video-graphic” technology revealing the receipt of Islah and its factions in the city for salaries of 68,000 fake recruits, while the number of recruits does not exceed Party city twenty thousand.

These documents are an extension to previous documents in which the director of duties was convicted of looting more than one billion riyals, and all of them, according to activists, were only a small part of what is being run behind the scenes of the authority that brings together the Alliance of Islah, GPC, the Nasserite and the Socialist in the city, and they share its revenues amid absolute silence over the rampant corruption, which brought the city to the brink of abyss.

For days, Taiz has witnessed escalating demonstrations demanding the departure of the corrupt officials. Partisan parties loyal to coalition are trying to put it down at times by dismissing fourth-class officials, and another by moving the paper of violence, and third through escalating the pace of disputes.

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