Taiz: Hungry Revolution Start Escalation, Gives Legitimacy Seven Days

The Hungry Revolution Movement in Taiz announced the start of the escalating course against corruption in the province. Emphasizing that the local authority only made false promises, and exercise recklessness and indifference in dealing with popular demands.

A statement issued by the movement said that this recklessness and indifference confirms the correctness of the popular protest to reject corruption and demand to overthrow it. It reinforces the motivation to continue the peaceful struggle to change this miserable reality. In which the authorities confirm their disregard for the masses and their rights, and it is not worthy of responsibility or trust.

The statement stressed that the protests are neither partisan nor factional, rather, honest, free and independent popular protests, It was imposed due to bad conditions, general deterioration, of services, and the exacerbation of financial and administrative corruption.

According to the statement, the movement affirmed the following:

1- These protests are purely popular protests that are not motivated by partisan, factional or regional motives, it does not come from personal rivalries with this or that political component or with specific leaders in the local authority, the army and the security.

2 – Power is granted by the people, not the reverse. The free will of the people is the source of all powers, and the people demand the rights of citizenship and perform its duties. In addition, calls for the desired and projected change, no one will stop him from this goal.

3- What is urgently required is practical and comprehensive measures to rectify the situation, to dismiss and prosecute officials who have failed to perform their duties, and corrupt officials tampering with the capabilities of the institutions and facilities they occupy.

4- Holding meetings, launching exhaustive conversations, issuing repeated promises, and decisions to arrest an official here or there, without referral to investigation and trial, will not succeed in absorbing popular anger and will not succeed in quelling the revolution.

5- Legitimacy, represented by the President of the Republic and the Head of Government, is concerned and obligated to respond urgently to the people demands that rules in their name and claims to represent. These protests in Taiz and other provinces in the country are a real test of their legitimacy.

6- The institutions of legitimacy and those in charge of managing the affairs of the country are required to quickly reconsider Taiz situations and the whole country. Assuming their responsibilities and performing their duties without delay or negligence, nothing will excuse them at all.

7- We assure the officials who think that they are free from popular anger, whether they are inside or outside the country; their reluctance so far regarding the conditions and popular demands makes them a target for these protests if their inaction continues.

8 – We give those in charge of governing the countries, provinces and liberated areas, at various levels, only a week, it starts from the seventh of this June and ends on the fourteenth, to reform the situation and meet the legitimate and obligatory demands of the people.

9- The components of the people, without exception, have many options to escalate towards achieving their legitimate demands and the desired change, and they will begin to take upward steps in this popular, peaceful path to reach the extreme possibilities.

10 – Finally, we affirm the continuation of the popular protests until the demands are fully achieved and undiminished. We call the masses of revolution in Taiz province to have a mass rally next Thursday, June 10, 2021 on Jamal Street to renew the demands and confirm adherence to it and their refusal to circumvent on them.

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