Saudi Intelligence Officers Control Prisoners’ File: Al-Mortada

Head of pro-Houthis National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs Abdulqadir Al-Mortada said on Monday that those who control the prisoners’ file with the other part loyal to Saudi-led coalition are Saudi intelligence officers.

“They are the ones (Saudis) who prevent the implementation of the exchanges that were agreed upon locally,” Al-Mortada added in a statement to Al-Masirah TV channel.

He stressed that the prisoners’ file is of great interest to the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Political Council. “We seek to free our captives through the United Nations or local mediation.”

Al-Mortada called on the families of the prisoners on the part of the armed forces of the Saudi-led coalition to pressure their leaders to free their sons, confirming that Sana’a is ready for any exchange process.

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