Presence of Saudi Forces at Shahn Has No Reason: Hadi’s Official

A local official in the Saudi-backed exiled president Hadi government Criticize the presence of Saudi forces in various areas of al-Mahra province, eastern Yemen.

Deputy governor of al-Mahra province for the youth in Hadi government, Bader Kalashat, said in a statement “the presence of Saudi forces at the Shahn port has no any reason, and if there are any doubts in Saudi Arabia, they can be present on the x-rays and find out what enters or out of the port.”

He expressed his astonishment at the presence of the Saudi forces in Al-Mahra, which is 1,500 km away from the confrontations.

Kalashat pointed out that the coalition did not agree to grant the flight’s permits, despite the readiness of the civil airport to receive all flight.

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