Saudi Forces Help Spreading Drugs Among Yemeni Youth: Mahra’s sit-in

The peaceful sit-in committee in al-Mahra province, eastern Yemen, has accused the Saudi forces of spreading drugs among the youth in the province.

The spokesman for al-Mahra sit-in committee, Ali Mubarak Mahamed, said on Thursday that the Saudi forces are turning a blind eye to the entry of drugs from land and sea ports and their dissemination among the youth of the province.

“How did the contraband drugs enter the province, in light of the Saudi forces’ control over the crossings, ports and airport?” he wondered.

Mahamed pointed out that Saudi Arabia has worked to destroy the economic potentials of the province through its control over the ports, airports and land crossings to impede the development in the province and achieve its own projects.

He indicated that the incident in ‘Hat’ area, in which one of the protesters was killed last year, is evidence for that, as the security services arrested a Saudi officer working in this field.

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