Islah Preparing to Invade Mocha,3000 Fighters Training at Turkish Base in Somalia

The factions loyal to Qatar and Turkey completed the arrangements for storming the stronghold of factions loyal to UAE on the western coast of Yemen, in an indication to an upcoming battle between the two sides.
Exclusive AlKhabar Alyemeni:
Sources in Taiz passports reported that Abdo Farhan Salem, the Brotherhood’s guide in Taiz, and the leader of the so-called “Tur al-Bahah axis” stormed the passport headquarter a few days ago and seized three thousand passports, noting that this batch was distributed to three thousand from Al-Islah fighters are being sent currently to Somalia for training inside a Turkish base there.
Sending fighters to Somalia that expected to return within days coincided with the completion of the repair teams to clear mines between Islah stronghold in the city and Mocha city, which Tariq Saleh takes it as the capital of his forces on the western coast.
Islah authority opened earlier today the Al-Wazia-Al-Kadha-Al-Baireen-Taiz- the coast road, which leads to the city of Mocha, after nearly six years of closure.
Media had reported on the arrival of a new shipment of Turkish drones on Wednesday, to Qena seaport in Shabwah province, which controlled by the Islamic Islah Party, known for its loyalty to Turkey.
These moves coincide with the tension return between Islah factions and their pro-Emirati counterparts, where the latter launched a media campaign against the so-called “Qatar camps” in the southwestern countryside, amid military reinforcements to besiege them. While Islah axis in Taiz responded through its spokesman, Abdul Basit Al-Bahr, accusing UAE of seeking to establish a “Zionist” base in Mayyun in an attempt to draw attention away from the Emirati developments on the island that is administratively affiliated to Taiz province through which Abu Dhabi seeks to control the second most important sea lane around the world.

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