After Threatening to Invade Aden, Emirati Concern on Al-Ahmar’s Next Step

Social media witnessed on Wednesday, angry reactions after statements of Islah party leader, Hamid al-Ahmar, about his party’s ability to invade Aden within two days, while UAE felt anxiety from Al-Ahmar’s next step.
Exclusive-AlKhabar Alyemeni:
Southern activists calling for secession considered Al-Ahmar’s statements, which coincide with the start of a new round of Riyadh negotiations between Hadi and STC, as an attempt to undermine Saudi Arabia’s efforts to breach “legitimacy” crisis wall. They also did not exclude that Al-Ahmar would blow up the situation militarily in an attempt to shuffle the cards.
The followers of Alahmar threaten to bring the nightmare to the south if he decided to venture towards Aden again.
The leader, Hamid Al-Ahmar, appeared in an interview with Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, during which he attacked the coalition and its relationship with “legitimacy,” which he described as “humiliating.”He also hinted at activating the National rescue Front, which was established in Al-Mahrah, as Saudi Arabia seeks to occupy the province located on the Arabian Sea.
Al-Ahmar’s statements, in which he threaten to expel the coalition, cast a shadow over the Qatari-Emirati differences again, as UAE-funded Al-Arab newspaper revealed Emirati circles concern about Al-Ahmar’s movements, who represents the dynamoa of “Brotherhood” and he takes residence in Turkey.
The newspaper pointed out that capitals such as Muscat, Cairo and Istanbul are witnessing movements to leaders and founding officials of the National Rescue Front in Al-Mahrah, It is expected that these moves will push the front to the events forefront in facing coalition, especially since the front recently made changes in its leadership ranks by appointing Al-Huraizi, the most prominent opponent of Saudi Arabia and UAE, as its leader.

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