Interior Minister in Hadi Gov’t Rejects STC Decisions in Aden

Ministry of Interior in the Saudi-backed Hadi government rejected on Tuesday a decision issued by the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias in Aden city, south of Yemen, YPA reported.

The Ministry issued a circular outlining its position on the STC’s decision to appoint Shallal Shaya as commander of the so-called “anti-terrorism” units in the city.

The circular directed all ministry’s undersecretaries and police stations in the southern province not to deal with any decisions outside the framework of the ministry, stressing that the appointment of the leader, Shallal Shaya, does not have any security or legal status.

The circular indicated that such decisions would help creating more weakness of what he called the state’s security institutions, in reference to the decision issued by the STC.

It demanded the integration of security institutions into the framework of the Ministry of Interior, according to the so-called “Riyadh Agreement.”

On Monday, the head of the STC issued a decision appointing the leader, Shallal Shaya, as the commander of the “anti-terrorism” elements accused of being behind the implementation of the assassination crimes that targeted dozens of mosque imams and political and military leaders, in the city of Aden.

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