Yemen Experiences Worst Fuel Crisis in 60 Years

Yemen currently is suffering from the worst fuel crisis it has ever experienced in 60 years, causing the world’s biggest humanitarian disaster as oil ships are still detained by the Saudi coalition, the executive director of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) said Monday.

The director of Sana’a-based Yemeni Company, Ammar Al-Adrai, confirmed that the quantities of fuel released by the coalition forces since late May 2020 until today only represent 13% of the actual need for public consumption in the normal supply situation and prevented 87% of the actual need for public consumption from entering the port Hodeidah.

The director of the oil company said during the protest that was organized on Monday in front of the United Nations building in the capital, Sanaa, that the company is witnessing the worst crisis since its establishment … indicating that since June 2020, the coalition has prevented fuel from entering the port of Hodeidah, followed by 75 days that fuel has been prevented from entering the port of Hodeidah for the period. From August to 17 October 2020.

Al-Adrai stated that since the beginning of the year 2021, the coalition forces did not allow one liter of benzene to enter the port of Hodeidah and to this day … As for gasoline, only one vessel was allowed entry, which is the ship “Thuraya”, which represents 4% of the actual need, confirming that this indicates that the process of piracy and detention is organized, systematic and carefully studied.

The director of the oil company held the United Nations, along with the coalition forces led by the United States of America, responsible for all acts of piracy across the sea, which violate all United Nations charters and violate all international laws, customs and divine laws.

He called on all the free people in the world to continue to pressure the nations and the coalition forces to release the detained fuel ships, open Sana’a International Airport and lift the siege on 26 civilians living in the Republic of Yemen.

In addition, the statement issued by the trade union bodies of the Yemeni Oil Company called on the United Nations to take immediate action to repudiate human rights violations and deter the piracy carried out by the coalition forces, led by the United States, on fuel ships.

The statement also called on the United Nations to act according to its laws, rather than bargaining cheaply with the living needs of the Yemeni people in exchange for political gains.

The statement emphasized that the Yemeni Oil Company provides a vital service to all citizens in Yemeni lands, denouncing the continuation of piracy acts against oil ships, the closure of the Ras Issa facility, the closure of Sana’a airport, and the targeting of the oil company and service agencies and institutions.

The statement called on all trade unions and trade unions to take serious action and active participation in all activities to stop piracy on ships of oil derivatives.

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