Islah Expands Agreement with Houthis in Marib to Taiz

A new agreement was made on Thursday between Sana’a and Islah in Taiz, just a day after the conclusion of a similar agreement in Marib.
A Chinese news agency quoted on officials of Hadi government in Taiz saying that the agreement stipulated the exchange of 11 prisoners’ bodies from the two parties, explaining that the agreement was locally mediated and concluded in Maqbanah district, which is under the control of Sana’a, without giving further details, while Sana’a has not yet commented on the deal.
The second agreement is made within 24 hours, as the head of the Prisoners Committee of Sana’a delegation, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, confirmed late on Tuesday evening that a similar deal had been concluded in Marib, which included the release of a number of prisoners of both sides
Although these steps are positive in alleviating the suffering of the prisoners and returning them to their families. however, it exposes Islah party and reveals the extent of its control over the course of the negotiations that were supposed to end the suffering of all prisoners after all parties, except for it, agreed to exchange all for all
It is noteworthy that the head of the prisoners’ committee in Sana’a government revealed after the end of the UN-sponsored round of negotiations in Jordan
on the issue of the head of the prisoners’ committee in Hadi’s delegation, who is affiliated with Islah , obstacles to impeding the implementation of the agreements in order to conclude deals that guarantee the exit of his fighters
The entry of Taiz on the line of deals criers a breakthrough, after Islah refused to conclude agreements of this kind in governorates other than its main stronghold in Marib.

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