UN Renews Fears of Starvation in Yemen

The United Nations renewed its warning on Tuesday, from a possible famine in Yemen, at a time when the World Bank revealed that there is enough aid to cover the needs of Yemeni families, confirming that there is a defect in the work of international organizations working in this country that has been under war and siege for seven years.
United Nations Humanitarian Program account published a tweet in which it reported that nearly 5 million Yemenis had entered the cycle of famine in Yemen.
Although the number is not new in the United Nations effort to obtain more donor funds under the pretext of facing famine in Yemen, and trying to market the number to achieve political gains in the framework of pushing for a political settlement, its timing seems meaningless with the issuance of a new report by World Bank confirming the existence of a defect in the aid distribution system of international organizations that consumes billions of dollars in donor revenues annually.
The report pointed out that certain families are consuming the aid of Yemen due to the duplication of distribution and their obtaining aid from more than one party at the same time, which prevents the aid to distribute equally to the rest of the needy families across the country.
World Bank report coincided with Hadi government accusing WFP of dropping tens of thousands of IDPs’ names from monthly dues payroll in Marib. This indicates that Islah Party and other parties in Hadi’s government manipulated with the lists to obtain revenues from them and under false names.
The new defect reveals the international organizations ’rejection to the efforts of Yemeni parties, such as Sana’a to organize humanitarian work in Yemen in a way that facilitates the delivery of aid to all families.

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