Entered on Emirates visas, Israeli Tourists Posting their Pictures in Socotra

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces have continued to transport Israeli tourists to the Socotra island archipelago, on Emirati visas.

Local sources said that hundreds of foreign tourists have entered Socotra over the past few days on visas granted to them by Abu Dhabi and transported by plane to Socotra airport, in flagrant violation of Yemeni sovereignty, international laws and customs.

Israeli Tourists in Socotra

Activists on the social platforms circulated new pictures of foreign tourists.  Most of the tourists are   Israelis, according to the activists.

The sources accused Hadi’s government of complicity as a result of its silence on UAE practices and its insistence on establishing its occupation of Socotra Island.

They called on the international community and the Security Council to take a serious and explicit stand in stopping UAE violations, particularly as the Hadi government fails to take clear steps towards the UAE occupation on Socotra Island.

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