Houthis Offer to Alliance with Saudi Arabia and UAE

A prominent leader in Anssarallah group “Houthis” presented on Sunday the alliance with Saudi Arabia and Emirates, which have been leading a war and a severe siege on Yemen for seven years. In a strange move reflects the extent of the movement’s preference for national interests over subjectivity.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, a member of Anssarallah political bureau, and the governor of Dhamar, called on the two allies in the war on Yemen to stop it immediately and to alliance with Yemen to confront Israel.

This comes on the eve of Israel escalating its violations against the Palestinians with a campaign of harassment, displacement and killing for families of Sheikh Jarrah area in East Jerusalem as part of Judaization Al-Quds since it was declared the capital of Tel Aviv with the participation of Gulf States and other collusion.

During the past few days, the movement forgot its 7-year-old wound, to shed light on the Zionists storming to Jerusalem and targeting women, children and elders who gathered to perform the last Friday prayer in Ramadan.

Anssarallah movement places the Palestinian issue on its top priority, and still its slogans to this day despite the attempts to extinguish it, the defend on Al-Aqsa, its leader also singled out an item for the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Saudi Arabia, he made an interesting offer in exchange for their release.

The new offer confines the allies of war in a narrow corner, especially in light of some ignoring what is going on in Palestine and others condemning timidly.

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