Hazing Residents and Invest Foreigners … Emirati Abuse of Socotra

The United Arab Emirates continues its rituals of swallowing Socotra Island, the most important Yemeni island located at the confluence of the Arabian Sea with the Indian Ocean and Aden Gulf, in contempt to all customs, traditions, and even international law, and made the banner of its war on Yemen as justification for seizing the strategic island as a gain.
According to Island’s sources emirates airlines conducted new flights for foreign delegations with UAE permits and for a fee to Abu Dhabi, which adopts the Island as an important tourist destination around the world.
The delegations, according to what was reported by activists have American, Canadian, French and British nationalities, who arrived during the Eid days to enjoy with the island’s rare features.
This move raised more discontent among activists against UAE, especially the coalition loyalists, who attacked Hadi government for ignoring what is going on and they demanded to curb the emirates, which is investing the Yemeni island in its favor.
Although the foreign delegations arriving on Socotra are not the only ones on the island, which has become a destination for dozens of tourist delegations every week, according to local sources, emirati cover and permits from Abu Dhabi. However, what distinguishes the new campaign is that it coincides with a campaign of repression and abuse against the Island people, where factions loyal to emirates launched a campaign of raids on the homes of citizens in Dixom Island, east of the Island, and arrested its most prominent sheikh, named Ali Suleiman, and taken him to an unknown destination before he was released late today, and about 48 hours after his abduction.
The UAE accuses the people of Dixom, according to local sources, of working with foreign entities hostile to Abu Dhabi, in reference to Qatar and this is against the backdrop of the Island’s people joining in the peaceful sit-in committee against the Emirati presence, which recently kicked off.
During the past two days, the UAE had deployed military forces reinforced with armored vehicles in this area, which is one of the most important islands of the archipelago.

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