Hadi Seeks Help from Houthis

Office director of Exiled president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Abdullah Al-Alimi, revealed, on Saturday, the “difficult” situation that his boss lives, residing under house arrest, in his hotel in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Alkhabar Alyemeni-exclusive

This coincides with news talking about proposal from the parties participating in Amman negotiations to officially fold his page with Saudi blessing after 7 years of using him as a sign to the war on Yemen.

Al-Alimi emphasized in a press conference organized by Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies that Hadi had been excluded from negotiations, including those recently held in Muscat, whereas the war that Saudi Arabia set up on Yemen was to justify the return of what it described “legitimacy” headed by Hadi.

Al-Alimi offered to conduct negotiations with “Houthis” anywhere it is the first time that the most prominent associates of Hadi have spoken on negotiations with those who calling them as “Putschists”, showing the size of concessions made by Hadi, in an attempt to plead Sana’a to save him, by returning him to the path of negotiations, fearing from overthrowing him.

He also considered the military developments in Marib and the international moves, in reference to the anticipated American movement in the Security Council to cancel Resolution 2216, which grants Hadi “legitimacy” require negotiations with Sana’a or with those he described as “Houthis,” which reflects Hadi’s concerns for his future in light of the recent military and political steps.

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