Reveals the War Merits, An International Envoy Attacks US Initiative in Yemen

An international envoy revealed on Thursday, the scenes of what is going on in the international corridors regarding Yemen, and the parties that can resolve the political solution, reviewing the early beginnings of the war.

Exclusive_Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The former envoy to Yemen Jamal bin Omar, during a television interview, renewed his accusation against international and regional parties of waging war on Yemen, he pointed out that the war took place while the Yemeni parties were about to sign a power-sharing agreement in 2015, in an indication that Saudi Arabia was rejecting the agreement.

Although he praised what he described as regional breakthroughs regarding Yemen, however, he underestimated the American initiative for a solution, pointing out that it is a party in the war after its support for Saudi Arabia and UAE. He also attacked the Security Council, saying that its member states preferred arms deals with Saudi Arabia instead of supporting Yemen in facing the war ordeal.

Bin Omar revealed a request by international forces to “Anssarallah” to hand over power to leaders live in Riyadh hotels, in reference to Hadi, at the same time, he defended on Houthi’s decision to confront the coalition in Yemen.

He also called for a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue, considering that a decisive issue in the solution, he explained that regional countries have interests in continuing the war, in reference to Saudi Arabia, which has led the war for 7 years and is trying to impose a special agenda through it.

He also stated that Houthis “are Yemenis also and did not come from another planet” and they have their own point of view, stressing that the transfer of power was not carried out by Ali Saleh’s rule during the pre-war years of the government, army and security.

Bin Omar was appointed as an envoy to Yemen with the escalation of  differences gap in Yemen in the year 2014, and he participated in overseeing several agreements between Yemeni parties that Saudi Arabia might be able to overthrow him, in defiance of his position that support a political solution.

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