Plan to Hand over Abyan to “al-Qaeda and ISIS” Revealed

A local official in Abyan province has revealed a plan to hand over the province’s directorates to terrorist organizations, and these terrorists “al-Qaeda and ISIS “operatives have obtained a naval outlet on the Arabian Sea coast of Abyan.

“Two batches of foreign extremist terrorist elements have arrived on the coast of Abyan over the past two days. These elements likely coming from Syria to fight with coalition militants,” said Saleh al-Junaidi, deputy first of Abyan province.

He noted that dozens of foreign elements were transported through the border areas between Abyan and Al-Baidha provinces, and delivered to al-Qaeda strongholds in al-Sawma’ah District in Al-Baidha.

He explained that the Islah military leaders in Ahwar transported them and facilitated their arrival during a naval landing of unknown ships on the coast of Abyan in the past weeks, according to Al-Mahrya TV.

Al-Junaidi said the coasts of Ahwar and the areas under the control of al-Islah are witnessing an active movement of terrorist organizations from al-Qaeda and ISIS elements,

He warned of the plan to hand over the province to terrorist organizations in light of the military setbacks to the coalition on various fronts, most notably the Marib front.

Al-Junaidi called on the sons of the free province to reveal the movements of terrorist organizations, and prevent them from creating new camps and centers of attraction and training funded by the coalition.

In March, a military and security campaigns were launched by the Islah forces and took control of the Ahwar directorate, the eastern coastal gate of the Abyan Front, and extracted it from the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) Militia after attacks targeting its military posts in a number of directorates.

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