Disclosure on a New US Offers on Yemen

Diplomatic sources revealed the most prominent features to the new US offer for a solution in Yemen. This comes on the eve of an international movement in the Omani capital for days to push for a peace process whose features are still immature.

Exclusive- Alkhabar Alyemeni

It also indicated that Saudi Arabia agreed on the proposal, while the position of Sana’a delegation remains constant despite US attempt to mobilize more pressure to pass the new offer.

Sana’a had previously rejected any attempt to bargain with the humanitarian file with political and military issues.

The Omani capital witnessed, during the past hours, the arrival of international delegations, respectively, led by American and UN envoys, as well as the Saudi Foreign Minister and US lawmakers.

The US State Department announced in a statement that US envoy Tim Lenderking and Senator Chris Murphy met earlier with the Omani foreign minister today and discussed with him the humanitarian file.

The statement indicated that Lenderking is seeking on his tour that began last Thursday from the Saudi capital to facilitate the arrival of food and fuel to the besieged Yemeni cities, and stabilize the cease-fire in an attempt to stop the advance towards Marib, the last stronghold of the pro-Saudi factions. Since Lenderking began his tour on the sidelines of the Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif visit, to the region and his recent meeting with the delegation of Sana’a, amid indications of rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Tehran, the coalition has allowed entry to only one of 10 fuel ships that Sana’a oil company says are still being held in Jizan port.

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