Anssarallah Accused UNSC of Prolonging War on Yemen.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman of Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator of the Sana’a National Salvation Government, accused the Security Council of prolonging the war on Yemen.

Mohammed Abdulsalam affirmed that any new decisions by the Security Council will not be applicable unless for what meets the interest of Yemen first, considering that talking about part of the battle with the Saudi-led coalition is not helpful in achieving peace.

In his tweet on Monday, Abdulsalam said: “They talk about part of the ongoing battle and leave the discussion about Yemen under siege. This is insufficient for the ongoing conflict, it does not address the problem, but rather exacerbates it.”

He considered that talking about a one battle -referring to Marib- does not help in achieving peace, but rather prolongs the war, stressing that any new moves by the Security Council will not mean anything if doesn’t help the Yemeni People in these tough times.

The head of the national delegation stressed, “Our Yemeni people are not interested in taking into account those who do not take into account their right to security, peace and sovereignty.”

Abdulsalam words come as a comment on American conversation that is still confined to the battle of Marib, while ignoring the blockade and human suffering.

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