Saudi Arabia Fails US Envoy’s Tour before it Begins

Saudi-led coalition intensified its air and ground operations on Saturday, as part of its efforts to prevent Marib fall, its last stronghold in northeastern Yemen.

This coincided with US starting diplomatic movements to push for peace, indicating to the kingdom’s rejection for any progress attempts in the political process.
Exclusive- Alkhabar Alyemeni
The coalition warplanes launched dozens of air strikes on Sarwah district, which is witnessing clashes at the western entrance to Marib city, while local sources reported that a woman was killed by a missile attack targeting her home in Shada district, Saada province, on the Yemeni-Saudi border.
These raids coincide with the movement to internal fighting fronts, as Sana’a forces announced that they had repelled attacks on their forces’ sites in Al-Dhale and Taiz, not to mention the continued escalated violations to Sweden agreement in Hodeida and the raging battles in Marib.
Although these military moves are the same camping on the Yemeni scene, but the timing of the latter coincides with the US envoy’s fifth tour to Yemen, which he started from Saudi Arabia, where he met the Saudi Crown Prince, indicating Saudi efforts to thwart the new US step through military escalation, especially as Riyadh is working hard to impose its peace initiative, which is rejected by Sanaa and is pushing international parties to replace it, in light of Saudi Arabia taking its aim to shirk the responsibility of rebuilding for a war and siege that continued since seven years.

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