Al-Qaeda Opens New Front in Al-Baidha

The al-Qaeda terrorist organization at dawn on Thursday, opened a new front in al-Baidha province, backed by Saudi-led coalition forces, with the aim of easing pressure on the city of Marib, which came close to the grip of Sana’a forces, YPA reported, citing local sources.

According to the sources, the Sana’a forces, backed by popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) fought fierce battles against al-Qaeda elements in al-Baidha province, during which they recaptured military positions were taken by elements of the terrorist organization early Thursday, in the area of “Al-Dhahaki”.

The sources said al-Qaeda launched a surprise attack at dawn, targeting two military positions belonging to the Houthis in the districts of al–Sawma’ah and al- Zahir

According to local sources, 20 members of the terrorist organization were killed in the fighting, while many were wounded.

Al-Qaeda revealed at dawn that new fronts had been opened against Houthis’ forces in these districts, as well as its participation in the fighting alongside coalition forces on the outskirts of Marib.

The terrorist organization called its new military operations in al-Baidha and Marib “the day of the Badr invasion”.

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