International Movement to Solidarity with Yemen

The activities of solidarity with the Yemeni people expanded, amid the continuing war and siege for the seventh year in a row, and frightening UN reports on the situation.

Exclusive- Alkhabar AlYemeni:

The American and British capitals witnessed a new popular movement, highlighted in a hunger strike carried out by activists in front of the White House a few days ago, according to what was reported by “Tour Freedom” website, that the participants said that the continuation of war and the Saudi-led blockade is a result of an American support for the coalition’s war on Yemen.

Activists indicated that preventing fuel ships from entering the port of Hodeida caused a state of complete paralysis in the services and infrastructure sector.

These moves coincide with preparations in Britain to sue the government, which continues to fuel the war by concluding more arms deals.

The “Guardian” newspaper reported on activists in the Campaign Against Arms Trade to the coalition in Yemen, said that they have been given permission to challenge in the high court the UK government’s decision to resume the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia that could be used in the war in Yemen.

The campaign had succeeded judicially to halt British arms deals to Saudi Arabia, but the new government appealed the court ruling and managed to get permission to supply Saudi Arabia with weapons.

On the same level, Canadian Member of Parliament, Mander Seydoux, called on his country’s government to support peace efforts in Yemen, describing the situation there as “catastrophic.”

These rising voices coincide with international reports, the most recent of which was what have been announced by the office of UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, in which he warned from the impact of the ongoing war since 2015 on more than 16 million people on the verge of starvation, and this is an extension to a series of reports, the latest of which was the United Nations disclosing on the killing of nearly 230 thousand Yemenis during the seven years of the war.

Although the activities of solidarity around the world have not subsided since the start of Saudi war, and its limited influence in light of the great support that Saudi Arabia spends among the “Western lobbies” to mislead the public opinion, except that its return haunted the parties of the war, on their head the so-called “legitimacy”, whose ambassador in Britain, Yassin Saeed Numan, released a sudden reversal in international public opinion, with what he described as fluctuating attitudes within the United Kingdom, Led by the opposition with its influence in public opinion, and with the escalation of her criticism to coalition and Hadi government.

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