Seven-point Peace Initiative to Stop War on Yemen

The Arab Peace Group, which includes a wide range of Yemeni diplomatic and political figures, headed by former Yemeni President Ali Nasser Muhammad, presented on a new initiative for peace in Yemen during large meetings between an American think tank and experts in the group.
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The initiative put forward by Ali Nasser and former Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi included seven points, the first of which is to stop the war and start a serious dialogue between the various Yemeni parties under international auspices, criminalizing the use of weapons in resolving disputes, establishing a federal state of two regions, in addition to rebuilding the state and its civil, military and security institutions, and declaring a government of national unity to remain the only country possessing oil wealth and strategic resources, not to mention, Yemen plays a positive role in maintaining the security and safety of its neighbors and establishing normal relations with the Gulf states and engaging in fighting terrorism.
Ali Nasser Muhammad stressed on the necessity of stopping the war immediately and holding a truce for a period of 90 days under the supervision of a military and international committee in which regional countries participate, followed by a comprehensive national dialogue, in order to bring peace and achieve the unity of the Yemeni people on their entire national soil.
Although the initiative may not succeed due to the scale of the recent initiatives in Yemen, not to mention that it ignored several aspects such as the humanitarian files. However, what distinguishes it is that presented this time by Yemeni personalities.

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