Marib’s Battles Raise International, Regional Terror

The recent events on last week, in Marib, have been overshadowed on the international scene, amid an unprecedented regional and international eruption, with the approach of Sana’a forces to control Marib, the last stronghold of coalition in northern Yemen.

The United Nations, according to the spokesperson for the Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, declared a state of alert to face what he described as a further possible escalation, expecting 105,000 people to flee by next September if the fighting continues.

Although Dujarric tried every time to use what he described as a “humanitarian catastrophe” to demand donors pay more money for the benefit of international organizations involved in corruption, by evoking the lack of funding operations, however, the timing of the announcement did not depart from the Saudi objectives aimed at stopping the progress of Sana’a forces by moving humanitarian papers, which indicates the involvement of UN with more suffering, especially since Dujarric’s statements coincided with the release of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, in which he claimed that 14 civilians were killed in Marib during the first half of this month, warning from the seriousness of what he described as the continuing “hostilities” and calling to stop.

The international movement is not new, and it is part of a broad international front that will add to Saudi Arabia’s throwing of all its military weight, in an attempt to prevent the fall of the city that could mark the end of the war and a cruel defeat for Saudi Arabia, which has been leading for seven years an unprecedented war and siege, this movement increases and decreases according to the course of the battle on the ground.

In this context, the city of Marib has witnessed, during the past hours, dramatic developments predicting the imminent fall of the city, most notably the intense Saudi raids, which amounted to more than 14 raids on Hilan mountain area, which does not exceed a few kilometers, in conjunction with Sana’a forces cordoning off the strategic Al-Tala’a AlHamrah area, which is a few kilometers away from the city, Not to mention the American mobilization by bringing Marib case to Parliament by the American envoy Tim Lenderking and warning him about the city fall, not to mention the British anger that prompted Ambassador Michael Aaron to argue just a Yemeni activist and charged Sana’a in a clear departure from diplomatic courtesy. He revealed the extent of the international and regional parties’ horror from the Yemeni file and seeking to prolong the war in it.

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