“Explosions Shake Aden, And Accusations To STC Of Preparing “Cells

The city of Aden, the most prominent strongholds of pro-UAE factions, in southern Yemen, witnessed on Wednesday, more chaos, with recording new explosions targeted a security official, amid indications to more mess.
Exclusive- dailyyemen:
An early violent explosion rocked the city, to find out later that it was caused by a planted explosive device, exploded by unknown persons in front of the house of security director of Sheikh Othman Directorate, who is affiliated with Hadi, and in the moment when his car arrived.
The explosion as it seems, was not motivated to assassination where no casualties were recorded but rather it carries a message from the perpetrators, that often pointing the finger to STC.
This explosion coincided with the steady recording of security incidents during the past few hours, which emerged with a new storming for the house of Southern Movement leader, Abdel Fattah Jamjim, two days after his criticism to STC as well as targeting activists.
It also comes with the escalation of kidnappings for high-ranking leaders of STC factions; the most prominent of them is the brother of the prominent transitional leader, Abdul Rahman Sheikh and the companion of Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, the transitional head.
On the other hand, the leader of the “Southern Resistance” – Qatar Movement, Adel Al-Hasani, accused STC of preparing assassination cells led by Ghassan Al-Saadi, a former leader in Al-Qaeda, now known as Abu Hammam Al-Yafei, indicating that the new cells’ mission is to target Hadi officials remaining in Aden, on top of whom his Interior minister, affiliated to Islah Ibrahim Haydan, who had evacuated his family from the city two days earlier.
These developments come on the imapct of a mutual military escalation, threatening clashes in the north of the city.The confrontation intensified between the commander of Hadi’s transport brigade and Saleh al-Sayed, commander of the Fifth Brigade in STC forces, and the director of security for Lahij after they issued arrest warrants for both of them on charges of spreading chaos and terrorism, this indicates that Aden is coming to new confrontations that emerged with the warning issued by the leader of the transitional, Hussein Laqour, in which he considered the efforts of Hadi government to escalate in Aden as an attempt to escape from the scandal of Marib fall, which is approaching through drag the areas he described as “liberated” to the square of chaos.

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