Banking Expert: 30$ Billions Smuggled Outside Yemen

The banking expert, Ali Al-Twaiti, said that the volume of Yemeni money smuggled outside the country since the beginning of the war has amounted to more than $ 30 billion.

Al-Twaiti said, in a post on his Facebook page: “The money smuggled out of Yemen for fear of war, amounting to more than $ 30 billion, was smuggled to several countries.”

He explained that the Arab Republic of Egypt has the largest share, with about 100,000 apartments, which the Yemenis have bought in Egypt, as well as Turkey, Jordan, Djibouti, Malaysia, and other countries.

“We did not stop there; rather, the expatriates send their money to their relatives in those countries,” he added.

He called for ending the war on Yemen so that the people can return home, and thus the wealth would return and the economy and per capita income would improve.

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