Al-Ajri: Yemeni Expatriates’ Suffering at Al-Wadiah Port

Member of the National Delegation said that what Yemeni expatriates face at Al-Wadiah outlet is part of the comprehensive war waged by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen.

“What is happening to the Yemeni expatriates at the Al-Wadiah outlet has no explanation except being part of the comprehensive war of the countries of Saudi coalition against the interests of the Yemeni citizens,” Abdulmalik Al-Ajri wrote in a post published on his Twitter page.

“The rooted view of the Yemeni is a threat that makes every Yemeni accused in their opinion (countries of coalition) until it proves his sponsored forces,” he added. “It also explains why the SUV in the hands of the expatriate is a danger that must be fended off!”

The “Saudi regime” has prevented Yemeni expatriates from entering Yemeni lands for a month under the pretext that they own four-wheel drive cars, which the regime has claimed those will be sold to the Sana’a Forces for use in battles.

Videos of a large number of families parked on the side of the road surfaced. The videos show hundreds of cars stuck in front of one of the hotels in Sharurah city, sixty kilometers from the Al-Wadiah outlet. Some families have been waiting for twenty-fourth days in a row.

Some Yemeni citizens said that officials working in the border crossing refused to grant Yemenis exit visas. The officers claim orders by pro-Saudi government are prohibiting the entry of SUVs coming from Saudi Arabia to Yemen.

The reality of the situation points at another way the Saudi-led coalition is using to increase the suffering of the Yemeni people.

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