Sana’a Threatens to Escalate Military

Sana’a threatened on Saturday, to pursue its military option to confront the seven-year-old war.

This comes in the latest comment by its leaders in response to what it describes as political maneuvers that are far from ending the suffering of Yemenis.

Muhammad al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council, said in a message he addressed to the Saudi-led coalition which he defined as “aggression” What will come will be a victory for the Yemeni people over what he described as “terrorism and crimes of aggression”, Pointing to Sanaa’s impatience with what he described as “political maneuvers.” In reference to the international and regional movement to push for a political settlement according to a specific agenda.

Al-Houthi stressed his refusal to compromise the humanitarian arrangements, in reference to their adherence to opening Hodeida port and Sana’a airport, by allowing the entry of oil derivatives and foodstuffs that have been suspended for more than a year due to coalition’s closure and suspension their entry to Hodeida.

Al-Houthi criticized the recent Security Council statement on Yemen in a tweet on his official page on social media, considering it a confirmation on the lack of standards and the sincere approach that the Council has lived and continuously lived through,” pointing out in the same time, that it is not appropriate for the council to perform flabby and thunderous performance on all levels.”

Carrying the countries of Saudi coalition and the Security Council the responsible for the famine in Yemen that the Council fears being a partner in making it like Saudi coalition.

The head of Sana’a delegation in the negotiations, Muhammad Abdul Salam, had previously announced that they don’t consider any call for peace serious unless it involves a complete lifting of the embargo, stating that they have not yet seen any seriousness in stopping the aggression.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, has accused some of the international actors of providing a selective vision of peace by granting it to the countries of Saudi-led coalition and preventing it for Yemen, in a time that peace must be for all.

The Security Council called in a statement to stop the attacks on Marib and Saudi Arabia, and ignore the situation that Yemen suffers from as a result of the war and siege imposed by Saudi Arabia for seven years.

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