Al-Houthi held UN Security Council Responsible for Famine in Yemen

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, Member of the Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, held the UN Security Council responsible for the famine in Yemen.

Al-Houthi said in a tweet on Twitter that the Saudi coalition and the Security Council are held responsible for the famine, stressing that the Yemenis reject political maneuvers and will not accept bargaining over the humanitarian arrangements.

Two days ago, Al-Houthi said that the position of the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths at the UN Security Council legitimized the continuation of the siege crime on Yemen.

The UN Security Council had condemned the military escalation in the Marib province, and expressed its condemnation of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ retaliatory attacks against Saudi Arabia, welcoming Saudi Arabia’s declaration to end the conflict in Yemen.

The member of the Supreme Political Council asserted that what was issued by the Security Council clarifies the “lack of standards and sincere approach by the Council, describing its performance as “flabby.”

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