Including Trump and Iran Initiative, Sana’a Reveals the Negotiations Developments

Sana’a officially revealed on what is going on behind the scenes of negotiations to push for a political settlement in Yemen, after seven years of war and siege, and in light of a humanitarian catastrophe.

This came in a press interview with Foreign Minister, in the rescue government, Hisham Sharaf.

Sharaf called on Saudi Arabia to acknowledge its mistakes in Yemen, stressing that it sought, through its new initiative, to individuate on Yemen decision.

Sharaf indicated that the negotiations have made progress in the context of recognition by international and regional parties participating in the war on Yemen that Sana’a and Riyadh are the decision-makers, referring to the negotiations between the two parties and others, which is currently taking place in the Omani capital, Muscat. He pointed out that the decision to stop the war is in the hands of Washington and Riyadh.

He also revealed that United States presented a peace initiative during the last two weeks of Trump’s administration life in the White House, and It was not officially announced, but he confirmed the end of its validity, as it does not meet Sana’a direction, and the desire of its politicians to find a solution that will get Yemeni people out of war.

Sharaf reported that Saudi Arabia rejected Yemeni and Iranian initiatives submitted by the Supreme Political Council, with the aim of holding all Yemen’s strings in its hand. He considered the recent US positions by talking about peace as a mere attempt to polish the new administration and stressing at the same time that all negotiations, whether in Amman or outside, are still “stalling”.

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