Tribes Revolt Against Islah Corruption in Marib

Marib tribes set up a cut point in Alarqain region on Safar Line, south of Marib province, in protest against the continuation of legitimacy and local authority of the province represented by Islah party in marginalizing the tribes and monopolizing oil and gas revenues, and disavowing the agreements concluded with the tribes in a number of cases.

Tribal sources in Marib said that the tribes of Marib have been fed up with the corruption of  Islah party, which controls the province.

According to the sources, the point has obstructed oil tankers from reaching the city, as hundreds of tankers stand on the line between Safer and marib city. While the local authority of Marib accused the protestors, in cutting power lines, but tribal sources said that it was the legitimacy that cut off the electricity in order to incite the tribes.

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