Sana’a Attack Saudi with 15 Drones and Two Ballistic Missiles

Sana’a Armed Forces have on Monday carried out a large-scale military operation targeting several vital military headquarters and installations in Saudi Arabia, the spokesman of Sana’a Forces said in a statement.

The military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, announced on Monday the implementation of 30 Shaaban operations in the Saudi territory in response to “the aggression’s escalation and its comprehensive siege on the Yemeni people.”

Sana’a forces said in a statement that operation of 30 of Shaaban was carried out with 17 drone aircraft and a ballistic missile.

Aramco refineries in Jeddah and Jabeel were targeted with 10 Samad-3 drones and sensitive military positions in Khamis Mushit and Jizan areas with five Qasef-2K drones and 2 Badr1 ballistic missiles, armed forces said.

According to the Sarie, the operation lasted from Sunday evening until dawn on Monday. He stressed that the operation had successfully achieved its objectives.

The spokesman of Sana’a forces confirmed that their operations were continuing and escalating as long as the “aggression” and siege against the Yemeni people continued.

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