Sana’a looms to withdraw from Muscat negotiations

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the rescue Government in Sana’a, Hisham Sharaf, described On Wednesday, the Saudi movement internationally and regionally as “maneuvering”, accusing Riyadh of continuing the policy of collective punishment against Yemenis, which increases the complexity of the political scene.
This came during his meeting with the deputy head of UNMHA, Daniela Kroslak, Sharaf emphasized that the path towards achieving peace is known and does not need announcements in the regional and international media and political maneuvers in international forums; in reference to the recent Saudi marketing to the initiative announced two weeks ago, through which Saudi Arabia is trying to improve its worn out image around the world regarding Yemen war.
Sharaf indicated that peace requires confidence-building measures between the parties, including humanitarian measures; he also made it clear that the Saudi messages by either detaining fuel ships or preventing their entry to Hodeida port, refers to its efforts to thwart any political settlement and complicate the political scene, considering this steps as continuation to the policy of collective punishment, with the intention of paralyzing all forms of life.
He also emphasized Sanaa’s demands to open Sana’a airport and Hodeida port, describing salaries as a humanitarian measure to build confidence.
The meeting comes on the eve of an escalation by Saudi Arabia on the western coast of Yemen, whether with air strikes or through violations by its the loyal factions there, in an attempt to impose a new agenda related to Marib, away from Muscat negotiations, through which regional and international parties are seeking to reach a comprehensive agreement to end the war that has entered its seventh year.

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