Sana’a Offers New Initiative for Prisoners to UN Envoy

The head of pro-Houthis Prisoners Committee, Abdul Qadir Al-Mortada, confirmed that the committee had contacted the office of the UN envoy about the recent initiative on the inclusive exchange of all prisoners.

Al-Mortada told Al-Masirah TV channel: “We have requested the UN to develop the implementation mechanisms to conduct the comprehensive exchange and are still waiting for the response of the other party.”

He said that the Saudi side does not want a full exchange of prisoners, but rather an agreement that includes the Saudis prisoners only.

There is no trust among the Saudi-led coalition’s forces themselves in the negotiations file, in addition to the coalition leadership’s intervention in local negotiations directly.

He stated that Hadi’s government hasreceived strict Saudi directives to prevent local exchange operations since March, adding that there are more than 10 exchange deals including 700 prisoners from both sides have been stopped.

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