Aden: UAE Store More Weapons in Jabal Hadid Camp

Weapons shipments from the UAE arrived on Wednesday at Jabal Hadid camp in Aden province, southern Yemen.

Local sources reported that weapons shipments arrived at Jabal Hadid camp in Khormaksar district under security protection by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia.

The sources explained that twenty weapons containers entered the Jabal Hadid camp, indicating that the kind of the weapon is not known yet.

An Emirati ship unloaded 30 containers of weapons in Mocha port, west of Taiz province, last Monday. The weapons containers were transported secretly by locomotives to the city of Aden after coordination between the so-called “Tariq Afash forces” backed by the UAE and commanders of the so-called “Al-Amaliqa brigades” on the western coast.

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