New Conditions Impede Muscat Negotiations

Diplomatic sources in the Omani capital, Muscat, revealed on Thursday, that ongoing negotiations about Yemen have made no progress, in light of the continuing conditions that would complicate any attempts to push towards an end to the war, which is entering its seventh year.

The sources said that the most prominent differences focus on Sanaa International Airport, as Saudi Arabia has identified limited destinations for civil aviation in line with the flights operated by “legitimate” airports, while the Sana’a delegation insists on lifting all restrictions on flights at a time when Griffiths intervened to identify nine regional and international destinations.

Differences continues over the port of Hodeida, as Saudi Arabia insists to deposit the revenues into a joint account, and supervised by United Nations in exchange for permission to enter ships. The proceeds shall be disbursed under the name of state employees’ salaries. Meanwhile, Sana’a delegation insists the account should be comprehensive for all Yemeni ports and airports including those under the control of Hadi and coalition.

Despite these complications that bring the negotiations back to Zero Square, the sources expected a breakthrough soon due to the continuing international pressure to push for an end to the war and the lifting of the blockade.

German News Agency quoted a source in Hadi’s government as expecting an agreement to be reached within this month, Meanwhile, a member of the Political Council in Sana’a, Sultan Al-Sama’i, unveiled the opening of Sana’a International Airport near, confirming that there are pressures to push in this direction.

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