Sana’a Reveals Points of Contention in Muscat Negotiations

Sana’a negotiating delegation officially revealed on Tuesday, the most prominent points of disagreement in the negotiations taking place indirectly in the Omani capital, Muscat, and the strengths and motives behind the international peace movement.

A member of the delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, said in a press statement that the delegation is optimistic about the negotiations, but he is awaiting to the approval of the other side to separate the humanitarian aspect from the political and the military one, in addition to the delegation’s affirmation on the necessity to turn the obligations into written agreements signed through  United Nations at a time when the other party refuses to do so. Not to mention its demand for a permanent cessation of war at a time when the other side seeks only a cease-fire.

Al-Ajri considered what he described as the current diplomatic interest in the cease-fire focused on stopping the advance towards Marib city and pressing for a cease-fire there, before discussing the issue of a cease-fire while ignoring the blockade.

The Omani capital has witnessed since days unprecedented international movement in an attempt to advance a comprehensive peace process, while Saudi Arabia is trying to complicate its path by mixing humanitarian, political and military files in hope of achieving gains, not to mention its endeavors to cease fire as the war continues.

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