One Every 10 Yemeni Patients Dies While Traveling to Reach Airports

Sana’a-based Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions reviewed, Monday, the damage and losses resulting from the Saudi war and the blockade within six years.

The Ministry of Transport said that the deaths resulting from the closure of Sana’a airport reached 80,000, indicating that more than 450,000 citizens in difficult cases urgently needed to travel abroad to receive medical care and treatment, stressing that the blockade exacerbated their suffering.

It explained that the Saudi coalition targeted and destroyed 1083 trucks and fuel tankers, 4490 roads and bridges, and 7229 different means of transport.

It pointed out that the blockade resulted in the absence of 120 types of medicines and medical solutions that were coming through the airports. It added that one in 10 patients dies on the road between Sana’a and Aden or Sana’a and Seiyun as they are forced to travel by land to those airports.

In addition, the Ministry of Transport in Sana’a government indicated that the total estimated direct and other losses and damages to the maritime, air and land sector exceeded $ 7 billion.

It explained that the civil aviation and meteorology sector was subjected to unprecedented targeting in the region, with losses amounting to over $ 5 billion. The maritime sector is also subjected to the targeting, as the most suffering of Yemenis is a result of targeting Yemen’s ports, disrupting 80% of its activities.

It explained that the losses of the Public Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs amounted to more than $ 208 million.

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