We will Resort to Painful Strikes, if War Continue: Sarie

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, revealed on Saturday, that the seventh year will witness the announcement of new missile systems.

Emphasizing that some of these undeclared systems were being tested at home and in the depth of Saudi-led coalition countries, during the past periods of the war on Yemen.

Brigadier General Sarie, affirmed that the missile force of Sana’a forces possesses now great and advanced expertise and they are working on developing each system separately. If there was no the revolution of 21 September, America would have been able to destroy what remained of Yemen’s ballistic missiles.” and it was “planning to take off the ballistic missile batteries, to transfer them to south and destroy them there.”

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, said in a statement to “Al-Masirah TV”, that Yemen affirmed that “Yemen today ranks first at the level of the Arabian Peninsula in terms of the quality and range of home-made missiles it possesses.” Pointing out that “there is no comparison between the Yemeni missile force before the war and today.”

Brigadier General Sarie, reiterated that Sana’a operations come “within the framework of a legitimate response”, indicating that the operations will not stop until the war on Yemen stops and the siege is lifted.

On the coalition’s allegations about blocking Yemen under the justification of preventing the arrival of weapons, brigadier general Sarie, said that weapons are manufactured inside, and this siege is not justified. He pointed out that the siege is a hostile military action that armed forces deal with on this basis, and we are awaiting to the directives of leadership in this regard.

The Spokesman of Sana’a forces, pointed out that Sana’a operations target “the “aggression” only, whether on land or at sea, and we did not target any other targets.”

About the air force, brigadier general Sarie said, “It was built the air force from scratch as compensation for Yemen after the coalition destroyed its air force and air defenses. Air force managed to break the aggression’s monopoly on the air. “Stressing that air force has achieved a lot for Sana’a forces, in terms of “deterring the enemy and destroying their bases and rule centers.”

He added, “We did not stop drones manufacturing in traditional sense, and now we have several systems, and in every system, there are several generations.” Stressing that they are now working “to increase the strategic stockpile of the air force and its ranges that are able to carry out operations along the enemy’s geography and beyond.”

The Spokesman of Sana’a forces said that drones attack has become an embarrassment not only for the coalition countries, but also for those standing behind them, such as the United States and others. And that Sana’a forces excelled “in carrying out joint operations between the air force and ballistic missiles, and this is based on a precise substantive and technical.

He revealed that when coalition carrying out joint operations, he is forced to move the defense systems along with the war fighters to pursue the marches, and that resulted in major mistakes.

Brigadier General Sarie, warned that they might resort to “directing strong and painful strikes that the Saudi regime has not experienced before, unless it stops its war and siege,” pointing out that the ball is now “in the court of Saudi regime and the seventh year will be the year of surprises for military operations.”

Mentioning that, “you have enough lessons for six years of war, and if you have money, leave it to your countrymen. We do not pose a threat to them, but rather the continuation of war that poses the danger to you. Stressing that what was made during 6 years will double within one year; the coalition may be surprised by military operations within one year, equivalent to all strikes during the past years of war.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Sarie, indicated that “the National Day of Resilience process will only be the inauguration of the seventh year, in case if they do not stop the aggression and lifted siege.” as he said.

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