Agricultural Sector Suffers $ 111 Billion in Losses over Six Years

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Abdulmalik Al-Thawr, said on Monday that the agricultural sector had incurred $ 111 billion in direct and indirect losses due to the war and blockade imposed by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen for six years.

The Minister of Agriculture elaborated that the direct losses of the agricultural sector amounted to 7,477,506,000 dollars, while indirect losses and damages amounted to 103,801,764,000 dollars.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Radwan Al-Raba’e, explained that the direct damage included buildings, facilities, agricultural societies, water installations, agricultural markets, export centers, warehouses, irrigation channels, equipment, agricultural supplies, and modern irrigation networks.

The direct damages also included losses in the crops, which amounted to more than 3,161,000,000 dollars, as well as losses in agricultural lands, greenhouses, and productive nurseries, Al-Raba’e added.

He indicated that the direct losses in the livestock sector amounted to 370,294,000 dollars, and 8,041,000 dollars in the honey sector, while the direct losses of the poultry sector amounted to 123,104,000 dollars.

On the indirect losses, Al-Raba’e explained that they included damage to agricultural and plant production estimated at 21,765,339,000 dollars, while the losses of workers in the agricultural production reached 34,360,252,000 dollars,

The indirect losses in the agricultural authorities of the ministry amounted to 2,472,000,000 dollars, he added.

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