Griffiths Admit Importance of Entering Oil, Food Ships to Hodeida

The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, stressed the importance of entering oil and food ships through port of Hodeida city. Griffiths said, “The fuel ships have not entered and imported to Hodeida since last January.”

He continued in his briefing to the Security Council on Tuesday, that the urgent agenda of the United Nations is the three humanitarian imperatives, in addition to the launch of the political process, and the non-use of the economy as a weapon by the Saudi-led coalition.

Griffiths stressed that the ceasefire in all parts of Yemen, re-opening of Sana’a airport, and the unimpeded flow of fuel and other goods to Yemen through the port of Hodeida, are urgent humanitarian necessities that will mitigate the impact of the war on civilians and facilitate their movements.

Regarding the events and the escalation of tension in the occupied province of Aden, the UN envoy said, the situation is still difficult in Aden, due to power outage and non-fulfillment of employees’ salaries, ensuring security and stability of the economy.

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