Sana’a Unveils New Advanced Ballistic, Winged Missiles, Drones and Marine Mines

The Sana’a Forces unveiled on Thursday a number of ballistic, winged missiles and new drone aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art industries in various types of weapons, as part of the martyr-in-“commander exhibition of military industries 1442”.

Sana’a-based Ministry of Defense unveiled new Saeer and Qasim 2 ballistic missiles and unveiled the Quds 2 winged missile.

It also uncovered Naval mines Karar 1, Karar 2, Asef 4, Shawadh, Thaqeb, Owais, Mujahid, and al-Nazia’at mines, Houthis-run Saba news agency reported.

The armed forces uncovered new drone aircraft, Eid, Sammad 4, Shihab, Khatif, Merssad, Rajoom, and Naba.

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