Return Of 20,000 Of Coalition-Recruits Is Message For The Remaining: Sana’a Intelligence

The head of Sana’a Intelligence and Reconnaissance Authority, Major General Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim, explained that the battle today, is a battle to liberate the land and people in every sense of the word, and it is also a battle of morality, tolerance, amnesty and morals.

Pointing out that the enemy and invaders tampered in Marib, just as they tampered with the Yemeni arena, however they wanted, and by various means.

He explained that the battle is not a purely military battle, rather a battle in all sides, requiring the use of all available means to weaken the enemy and influence it.

The head of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Authority added that the return of more than twenty thousand deceived people is a message that the rest will definitely return. Stressing to the importance of communicating with those who are deceived and still on the side of the enemy and advising them.

The National Center for Returnees in Sana’a received on Monday 13 returnees to the homeland after they had withdrawn from Saudi-led coalition ranks including leaders.

In the meeting, Dhamar governor, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti welcomed the returnees from Marib fronts and said “Today matters are now clear to everyone, and the Saudi coalition’s plans and objectives have been revealed in Yemen, and that the occupiers and agents will be forced to leave under the blows of the heroes of the army and popular committees.

He also explained that the occupiers and their tools had deceived some and made them human shields to take refuge behind them, considering the general amnesty decision as an opportunity that the rest of those deceived should get benefit from it.

The returnees called on the rest of the deceived ones to benefit from the decision to return to the homeland.

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