Angry Protest Rallies Continue in Aden

Revolutionary movement in Aden calls on southerners to take part in protest rally

The angry protests continue in Aden province for the second week in a row due to the deterioration of services and living conditions in the city.

The demonstrators cut off many main roads that link Khur Maksar and al-Mansoura areas over the past hours, expressing their anger and demanding to expel Hadi’s government.

UAE-backed southern transitional council forces opened fire to disperse the demonstrators demanding improvement of basic services, including electricity and health.

Clashes erupted among armed men loyal to the protesters inside the residential neighborhoods in the area.

In this regard, The Supreme Council of the Southern Revolutionary Movement called on sons of residents of the city of Aden to widely participate in the angry protests due to the deterioration of the living situation in the city and other provinces.

In a meeting, the council affirmed the right to practice peaceful expression in rejection of all life-destructive conditions such as power outage and the rising oil derivatives that doubled the suffering

The meeting stressed the necessity of the participation of all leaders and bases of the “Revolutionary Council” in various struggle activities in the rally adopted by the Citizen Rights Group and other national forces.