Armed Clashes Renewed in Taiz

A recruit of the Saudi-backed Islah troops was killed and 10 others were injured on Saturday in an attack in Taiz province, according to sources.

The sources affirmed a drone targeted the “Al-Aofi” camp al-Asabeh area in Al-Turbah city.

A leader of the Islah Party, Hammoud Al-Mikhlafi, supported by Qatar, had taken over the Al-Aofi camp in the last September after the forces of the so-called 4th Mountain Infantry Brigade forces loyal to the party had withdrew.

Al-Turbah area, south of Taiz, witnessed violent confrontations between the armed formations backed by the UAE and the Islah party militants, which led to controlling over the area in July, 2020.

Meanwhile, Emirati forces believed that the Islah forces’ control of the countryside south of Taiz, has posed a direct threat to its forces located in the north of Lahj province, and the coastal area of Taiz.