Houthis Targeted Saudi Aramco in Jeddah, King Khalid Base in Khamis Mushait

The missile force of the Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis) targeted on Thursday Saudi Aramco in the Saudi city of Jeddah, a Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie.

Sarie added the missile force targeted Aramco in Jeddah with a winged missile- Quds-2.

He stressed the winged missile- Quds-2 hit its target accurately.

Sarie said the targeting comes within the framework of the legitimate response to the continuation of the siege and aggression against the Yemeni people.

Earlier on Thursday, the Houthis’ drones hit King Khalid base in Khamis Mushait region in the depth of Saudi Arabia, a spokesman announced.

Sarie added the air force launched a Qasef-2K aircraft on an important target at King Khalid base in Khamis Mushait.

He emphasized the Qasef-2K aircraft hit its target accurately.

Sarie indicated the targeting came in response to the escalation of the enemies and the continued siege and “aggression” against the Yemeni people.

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On Tuesday evening, the air force drones had targeted the hangers of the Saudi warplanes at Abha International Airport with a Qasef-2K aircraft and hit its target accurately.