Sana’a Continues Efforts to Isolate Islah Tribally in Marib

Sana’a began intensive activities to isolate Islah party tribally, in conjunction with starting a military path to control Marib city.

Since the beginning of the week, Sana’a held three military, tribal and political meetings, which were described as exceptional, they all aimed to discuss the mechanism for resolving Marib battle, and start communication process to neutralize the tribes and fighters that Sana’a describes them as deluded, and as a parallel path to the military one, that aims to isolate Islah party as local party fighting in Marib.

Sana’a meetings confirm that controlling Marib is settled, and the battles which are taking place at a high rate and achieve important results, will open the way for those who wanted to jump from Islah ship and coalition that is about to sink, to return to Sana’a or neutralize themselves  before the battles reach its final stage, and this is what was announced by the military meeting yesterday with Yemeni tribal sheikhs, who were assigned to communicate with the people of their regions to return or to neutralize themselves.

In Sanaa’s speech to Marib tribes messages were stood out that the war does not target these tribes, rather it is fighting Islah, who “kidnapped Marib six years ago to plunder its oil and gas, which is the property of all of Yemen.”

The head of the so-called reconciliation committee, Youssef Al-Fishi said, “Islah party insulted Marib tribes and enslaved their sheikhs, and they fought sheikhs of Obaidah, and their last crime was the killing of Al- Subayyan family.”

Al-Fishi added: militias of “Islah” targeted Bin Maaili, targeted Bin Jalal, targeted their tribes, targeted Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amir and his tribes, and targeted everyone in Mareb.

According to Al-Fishi, Islah party in Marib is taking Al-Aradah as a front because he belongs to “Brotherhood” organization, and these plunder Marib and sacrifice by its children to defend on their interests.

Al-Fishi confirmed: Marib people do not raise their guns in the face of army and committees, while they are in their homes or on the fronts with us in the battle of liberation.