Mahra Tribes Calls for Int’l Pressure to Eliminate Foreign Troops

Al-Mahra sit-in committee’s officials called on the international community to pressure Saudi Arabia to remove its troops from the province.

In a statement, the organizing committee welcomed the approval of the draft resolution issued by European Parliament that calls for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Yemen for facilitating political dialogue among the components of the Yemeni people.

The statement called on the envoy of the new US administration to get acquainted with the reality of the situation in the provinces of Mahra and Socotra, as well as Saudi and Emirati plans to destroy state institutions and form and support militias to consolidate control over the two provinces.

The committee urged the citizens of Mahra to enhance the internal front and work together to confront and thwart the dangers and attempts by of Saudi and UAE tools to ignite the chaos in the southern provinces.